We got involved in terriers when we decided in 1972 to look around for a Welsh. I learned trimming by doing the workshops of the breed club. Within short I was asked to join the board. Before I was a member of it, something changed, and I was asked to become the secretary. After nine years you cannot be reelected, so I stopped. But after a few years the NWTC (Dutch Welsh Terrier Club) asked me to become there president. Which I am doing still. And already quite a long time I am involved in the Dutch Terrier Association (NTU) as vice-president.

In the meanwhile our Welsh did quite well. He was not a top winning dog. But when he got older he took his excellentís on club shows. All the time he was trimmed by ourselves. But live ends, end so we decided to go to our second love, the Lakeland.

In 1990 our Robin gets in. We went to several shows in Holland and around, and got several championships.

When he finished I was asked form a friend to show his bitch Whinny. This was a very special bitch because she was out of a litter of nine. In the weekend Whinny was with us and during the week in the kennels from Cees and Regina van Benthem (Harter Fellís). After more than a year she stayed for always . She also did very well. She went for many CCís. She also got after here show career some litters.

From the last litter born in July 1999, we kept the red bitch Amble. So at this moment there three of them. Except the funny things, the other part of the hobby having terriers.

The kennel name, Great Gableís, is chosen after one of the mountains in the Lake Distict.

Our home you can find between the center and the east of Holland, between the cities Utrecht en Arnhem. Our village is called Bennekom. A lot of possibilities to go out, e.g. in the woods and for cycling. The best way in Holland for  transport. 


Ria and Hugo Stempher 

Laarweg 38, NL -  6721 DE  Bennekom




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